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Neil Whitehead, a Scotsman on his mother’s side, has been playing the Great Highland Bagpipe since he was 13 – more than 50 years, 10 of them with an A-grade New Zealand band.  He has closest links with the Irving Clan in Scotland and has written a variety of tunes celebrating Irving history and culture. See www.clanirving.com/the-pipes/ He has worked as a research scientist, with the New Zealand Government, United Nations and Japanese Universities, in many fields, mostly related to nuclear radiation.

The pipetunes on this site are all originals and reflect the author’s tendency to experiment inside and beyond the conventions. Some of the tunes are computer- produced, using notes outside the standard bagpipe scale.

The titles often have multiple layers of meaning. If Christian, they are non-traditional and original conceptions, fresh, lively and vigorous, without words, and mostly from the last two decades.

These pipetunes may be freely downloaded and copied for non-commercial purposes.


You can get in touch with Neil here: Send Email